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    • Weight:
    • Weight:1.7kg - 2.9kg
    • Size:15*15cm, 25*30cm, 28*33cm
    • Application:Military Army Security Police
    • Brand Name:CXXGZ
    • Material:Fulll PE, PE SIC Alumina, Aramid, Ceramic, steel
    • Protectiton level:Level: NIJ III, IV, ICW / SAPI , NIJ IIA plate for backpack
    • Coating:Polyurea, Can be Polyester, Nylon for fabric
    • Curve:Single Curve, Double Curve
    • Feature:Waterproof, dampproof ,ageing resistant, long use life


NIJ Level 4 IV Hard Body Armor Ballistic Single Curve Bullet proof Panel Bulletproof Vest Plate
Bulletproof Armor Plate can stop Level III, IV, IIIA , ballistic threats. As such, they provide protection from high velocity rifle rounds, and some forms of armor-piercing. Often inserted into pouches found on the front and back of certain vests, they provide additional protection to critical abdominal areas, such as the heart and lungs. These plates are strongly recommended if entering heavy combat situations. However, as they are easily removable and insertable, they can be quickly called upon if the risk of danger suddenly increases.


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